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NAB Engineering And Aftermarket is 

Our Services

General Servicing

We repair and maintain your vehicles and make sure to mitigate any kind of damage or problems in the future. The facilities included in full servicing are- an engine oil change and/or filter replacement, checking lights, tyres, exhaust and operations of brakes and steering, ensuring your engine is ‘tuned’ to run in its peak condition, checking hydraulic fluid and coolant levels, checking the cooling systems etc.

Engine Overhaul

To prevent your engine breakdown, we have overhauling facility. We take your engine apart, clean it up and replace any damaged parts or seals, and then put it back together like new. From an  ‘in-chassis overhaul’ to extensive rebuilding of the engine, we have the best professionals to take care of it

Washing And Cleaning

We offer extensive range of car wash and cleaning services. Our car grooming packages include a complete range of services right from basic car washing to detailed interior and upholstery cleaning, protective coating, vacuuming etc.
The exterior of the car is shampooed with professional cleaning soap and hand dried with a cloud like, microfiber cloth. Your vehicle is treated with utmost care to make your car feel brand new. 


Weather you need to fix a small scratch or a huge dent on your car or accidental vehicles, our expert mechanics can help you with all car body repari services. our service repair, car paint repair, car bumper repair etc. We have trained technicians and equipment technology to restore your paint jobs original look and feel. We promise to take in any old worn our vehiclesand make sure you walk out with a car as good as a brand new. 

General check-up facility

We offer you an uncompromised car maintenance service to ensure that your car is in top-running condition. From short-term checkups like inspecting air filters, tire pressure, oil and coolant levels, etc. to long term checkups like inspect shocks and struts, transfer case fluids etc and also periodic checkups like battery performance checks, checking windshield wipers.

Road Side assistance

Roadside Assistance package provides a range of services and solutions during unforeseen events of breakdown or emergencies. We provide various on time roadside assistance like towing facilities, flat tire assistance, fuel refill assistance(in case of out of fuel), jump starting assistance in case of battery run down etc.

Our Membership Plan

NAB engineering & Aftermarket Pvt. Ltd. offers following  benefits to its valuable members.

Standard Plan

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Unlimited Plan

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