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Tyres are the essential point of contact between your vehicle and the road. CEAT provides a range of tyres which provide good grip, superior control and excellent driving experience. NAB is the authorized dealer of wide range of CEAT tyres in Nepal. 

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Tyre selection is mainly based on the following factors – Vehicle type, road and climatic conditions, the load and speed, tyre rim combination, the wheel position and thread design.


When it comes to car tyre replacement, it is suggested to replace all 4 car tyres for complete safety and traction, yet it is okay to replace a minimum of 2 car tyres. It is recommended to replace the two new car tyres on the rear axle.

It is not mandatory to replace your car’s new tyres with the same OE fitted tyre brand. You can choose a tyre brand or pattern which suits your requirement and driving condition. However, it is recommended that you buy tyres with size and specification that is compatible with your car.

NAB provides three different delivery options – home delivery of tyres, home fitment of tyres (available in selected cities) and  fitment at a nearby CEAT Tyre Shop. You can choose as per your convenience.

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